Top 10 Gift Ideas For The Triathlon Loving Individual

With Christmas fast approaching time is running out to get your triathlon loving family member or friend the most perfect holiday gift! Here are my Top 10 Christmas gifts for the person on your list who enjoys all things swim, bike and run.

1. Running Socks - we highly recommend Belaga but any running specific sock with moisture-wicking properties will do the trick!

2. Sports Nutrition - this is something every active individual can never have enough of. Sports drinks, gels, chews oh my! Plus don’t forget the recovery mix as well.

3. Training Related Book - No matter if your buying for a beginner or an advanced athlete there is a book to fit their needs. You can get books that are triathlon training specific, nutrition, mindset, or strength training for triathletes.

4. Reflective Gear - Perfect for those who get up early (or are night owls) who head out the door in the dark to get that run in. Keep your favorite athlete safe while running in the dark so cars can see them!

5. Swim Toys - Pull buoy, paddles, kickboard, fins are all specific gear for the water-loving triathlete (or those who want to improve their swim time). Designed to specific work on the upper body or lower body strength.

6. Foam Roller - The tool we love to hate! The foam roller helps keep the body limber and prevent stiffness. They come in all different lengths, sizes, and densities. Have a triathlete that travels frequently? A travel-size foam roller would be the perfect give for on the go!

7. Race Entry - Remember gifts don’t have to be gear. The gift of a race entry would be greatly appreciated and show how much you care and support their training and racing endeavors!

8. A Massage - After a big training cycle, nothing feels as amazing as a massage. This helps the body not only stay injury-free, but also absorb all the hard work that has been done over the days, weeks, and months of training.

9. Triathlon Watch - A triathlon-specific watch is a very useful tool. Not only can it keep track of your miles and pace for running, but also all things swimming, biking and metrics such as heart rate and power. A triathlon watch to track metrics is one of the best ways to see improvements and get faster!

10. Triathlon Coaching - Is the triathlete in your life looking to take their training and racing to the next level in 2020, but hates spending money on themselves...consider investing in a coach for them. A coach will not only provide the individualized training plan but also provide accountability and support to help them excel!

There you have it! My top 10 triathlon gifts for this holiday season. I hope this helps to give you some inspiration for the triathlete on your Christmas list.

-Coach Tyler