The benefits of adding a triathlon camp to your race season

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Fresh off of our first triathlon camp in Kona, Hawaii this is the perfect time for me to reflect on the amazing experience and the benefits of planning a triathlon camp into your race season. Over the years Carly and I have been to a handful of triathlon camps. Some camps were in the winter, some in the preseason and we even attended a camp in the heart of our race season. Every camp has a purpose and it’s essential to ensure the camp fits your goals and needs.

We just hosted our first triathlon camp 3 weeks ago at the location of the IRONMAN World Championships, the ever so warm Big Island! The Big Island is notorious for unforgiving conditions from rough seas to wind and heat, yet for our first camp the weather was much less of a factor than I would have ever imagined. We put in a solid 21 hours of quality training over the course of six days.

No matter when the camp is timed throughout the year their are factors that make all unique. Such as removing yourself from your regular training environment, removing many of life's other distractions so you can focus on your own personal goals and getting to train with like minded individuals.

Training camp timing:

Winter training camp:

-A camp to escape your local weather and get in quality outdoor training.

Spring training camp:

-A training camp is geared to preparing the body for in season fitness.

In season training camp:

-Often specific for a certain course or event.

We do have one more camp starting August 8th that is the perfect in season camp for any athlete who is training for a late August 70.3. The camp will take place in beautiful Traverse City Michigan and we will swim, bike and run all over the 70.3 over a 4 day period.