Race cancelled or what?

With races being cancelled and postponed all over the world due to the current COVID-19 pandemic it can be challenging to stay motivated with training. Plus our daily routines are being shaken upside down, balancing working from home, kids home, and trying to be innovative with training as well. It’s easy to let your training slip to the sideline and your motivation to take a back seat.

Here are three tips to stay motivated and help you reach your goals:

  1. Find your why and reset your goals Remind yourself why you are doing this sport. This is going to look different for everyone. Why do you get up every morning and get on the trainer or lace up your running shoes? With this, goals might need to be adjusted. While your long term goal, 8 months, 1 year, 2 years down the road might remain the same. Your short term goal 5 weeks, 2 months, 4 months down the road will most likely need to be adjusted. This doesn't mean not having short term goals at all, it simply means altering them.

  2. Work on your weaknesses We have been given a gift on time, there is no time like the present to work on an area of weakness. We all have them! Do you tend to neglect body work like stretching and rolling, do a personal 10 day challenge and spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day rolling and stretching. Running cadence lower than ideal? Great, focus on that.

  3. Get back to a training routine. While the current situations have shifted racing and training and have taken a toll on everyone in different forms. After we have given ourselves time to deal with the disappointment of the race being cancelled or postponed we simply have to make time for training and get back into a routine. Your routine might look completely different than it did 2,3, or 4 weeks ago. But that’s okay! It’s important to find a new normal for the time being. Get back out there, get some fresh air, soak up the sun and remind yourself how lucky you are that you get to participate in such an amazing sport! -Coach Carly