Keeping Training on Track While on Vacation

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Summer is here and in full swing, some of us have already hit the road, air, or sea for a family vacation. But there is still plenty of time left this summer for the rest of us to enjoy some long weekend getaways and family vacations. The question is, how do you stay on track while on enjoying some rest and relaxation?

First and foremost it’s important to take time either on your own or with your coach as soon as you know about your vacation plans and look at your planned time away. When are your travel days, any big “adventure” days, when you may be time crunched, and days that time is endless. This way the plan can be modified accordingly and make the best use of your precious time. Depending on what your travel plans include this could simple mean adjusting the week to get in your key sessions before or after your trip or a planned in recovery week.

With some pre planning, okay maybe a lot of planning you can keep your training on track and progressing in the right direction. Spending some time before hand is so worth it during your vacay. Especially, when even after a week away and some “indulgence” you can still toe the starting line of your next big race with no real gap in your training and knowing you have done everything you could! With that prior planning you can find some new running routes to explore either in a city or out in nature. If your destination is not runner friendly there is usually always a hotel treadmill.

Let’s assume your a runner that uses a periodization model and can schedule a recovery week to match up with your vacation. You will work hard 2-3 weeks prior to your vacay and then can adjust your recovery week to fit into your vacation plans. Whether it’s a relaxing week at “Aunt Sally's” house or an adventurous getaway in the mountains you can plan accordingly. Recovery week just can’t line up with time away? No problem! Identify the 3 key sessions you need to get done. This may be a long run, tempo run, and speed workout. Make sure to fit in whatever your 3 key sessions are for the week and everything else is a bonus!

Lastly, be realistic about your expectations. This is a time to relax and spend time with those around you. If you just can’t get your training in, don’t stress. You will come back from your vacation not only rested but also ready to get back to training!

- Coach Carly