Devices Fail - Athletes Don't

We are truly in an awesome era of sports technology! Our devices can record everything we want for triathlon training from swim stroke detection to leg contact time running to platform center offset when cycling. Our watches can download our workouts and bike trainers can control our effort. All this technology is truly amazing and has helped many athletes become fitter, faster and stronger. But, I have seen it hinder athletes from hitting their full potential. Don’t let that happen to you!

Many long time Organic Coaching athletes have heard me many times over the years stress the importance of knowing your body and knowing how your efforts feel and how to handle a race if your watch/heart rate monitor/power sensor fails. With all of the sports technology these days many of us rely heavily on our devices, probably a little more than we should! I know I have to remind myself of this from time to time, especially in the pool counting laps. I witnessed “Data or it didn't happen” last month at the pool. An athlete forgot their watch and drove all the way back home to get it. Wasting 30 plus all for a data recording device, I was truly amazed - the pool has a clock on the wall, go “old school” use the clock on the wall for your intervals and work on your lap counting skills.

Our devices are great at guiding us through training and races but remember we are in control of how we react to the data and need to know how to pace without the data input. If a device is acting up you can still nail the session with confidence and RPE!

Is your smart trainer acting up? Free ride mode. Watch dead? Bust out the old IRONMAN Timex digital watch. I know everyone wants to have their best race and one great way to have your best race is to not take a zero for a session because of technology.

Don’t let technology rule you so you can rule your training!

-Coach Tyler