Big News, Introducing...

Words cannot express how excited we are to introduce the newest addition to our coaching team at Organic Coaching! Today, we’d like you to meet David Zuber, as our first assistant coach!

David has been an Organic Coaching athlete since 2017 (working with Coach Tyler). We have known David long enough to know that he has drive and strives for perfection. David has a passion for endurance sports and enjoys the adventure triathlon brings. He enjoys the process and he wants athletes to have the same successes he has.

Over these past few years, Organic Coaching has experienced incredible growth. We have had to turn down numerous athletes because our roster was full. We knew with patience that the right additions to our team would come and we are excited to announce the first of them! With some training and team building, we knew we could comfortably and confidently make the jump from being a “husband and wife” team to having a team of coaches as well.

You may already recognize David since he has been an Organic Coaching athlete for some time now! With Organic Coaching David has raced seven 70.3’s and three IRONMAN races. In 2020 David made the jump to coaching, becoming an IRONMAN University Certified coach and we are so happy he did! David brings a unique perspective to endurance coaching as he juggles a demanding day job with family and training for triathlons. We have got to spend some time with David at races and training camps and know how much David wants to help others in the sport succeed. His passion for the sport and want to always learn more is real. He loves all-things-triathlon and it’s truly inspiring! (We have caught him more than a couple of times talking about how amazing it is being at an IRONMAN!) He works hard, wants the best for others, and believes that anyone can improve in this sport in the right direction.

Find out more about David over on his profile.