4 Tips To Stay Focused On Your Goals

So, you have set your goals for the New Year. Your goals are super-specific and you have set some sort of measurement to track along the way. Then you set an action plan to reach your goals that are realistic within a certain timeline. Now that ALL that’s done… How on earth do you stay focused on your goals? In the beginning, we’re super motivated, totally inspired and ready to go after it. But what happens 2, 3, 4 months down the road? We tend to lose that motivation and get distracted.

So how do you truly stay focused and on the right path to reach your goals? How do we stay focused on our goals so that we can achieve the things that we want to achieve rather than being stuck another day, week, month, or even year?

There are 4 methods that you can apply to help you maintain your focus on your dreams. Try one or many, it’s entirely up to you! But make a plan and stick to that plan. Not losing focus on your goals will be much easier if you do.

1- Write out your goals

If you haven’t written out your goals, then you’re missing one of the key parts of an effective goal setting. When you don’t actually write out your goals, they stay in the background. They’re less real, even if you think they’re as real as they can be. You have to write them down and get very specific about them.

2- Manage your time effectively

It’s nearly impossible to stay focused on your goals if you can’t manage your time. Become an effective time manager and you’ll see yourself progressing rather than falling behind. Pick a time management system that works and work it.

The overall objective is to stay away from time-wasting activities. It’s easy to lose focus on your goals when you’re engaged in time-wasting activities for much of the day, which includes things like excessively using social media, binge-watching television, over-socializing with friends, and so on.

We can’t achieve our goals if we’re constantly living in defensive-mode, spending our time merely reacting to life and wasting time, rather than strategic offense, where we’re tackling things head-on by planning in advance.

3- Analyze your progress

One crucial way you can stay focused on your goals is to track and analyze your progress. In fact, how else would you know just how far you’ve come towards achieving your goals? It’s certainly much harder to do so, that’s for sure!

Analyze and determine what are you doing really well and what areas are you of the eight balls? What efforts are paying off and which ones are being wasted?

4- Avoid procrastination

Staying focused on our goals means avoiding procrastination. We could always do more to avoid procrastination. But we also know that it isn’t simple by any means to take action as opposed to putting it offer just a little bit longer.

Yet, if we want to reach our goals, we need some strategies in place. How can we avoid procrastination all together and stay focused and on track? One simple way to do this is to use the 15-minute rule. Simply start your workout and do at least 15 minutes. The concept? 15 minutes is a number that’s too small to fail at. We can all do something (swim, bike, run) for 15 minutes. Commit to doing your workout that you’ve been putting off for 15 minutes, no more. Once the 15 minutes are up, you can choose to stop. Or, if momentum is on your side, keep going!! Most often getting started is the hardest part.

What you’ll find is that, after 15 minutes, you’ll usually want to keep going. And, even if you stop, you at least did something. You stopped procrastinating, even if it was only for a short while.

Now go make 2020 a great year and stay focused on your goals!!

-Coach Carly